• Gutermann fabric adhesive of high quality

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Perfect for patches, fabrics and leather.

Way of usage:

Normal glue method: 1. Apply Gütermann HT2 adhesive thinly to one of the glued parts. 2. Wait 2 minutes - the adhesive layer should be almost dry. 3. Put both parts together, press lightly and you're done. For thin and delicate fabrics, we advise you to: 1. Apply in spots. 2. Do not spread the adhesive or "rub" it into the material. 3. Wait 5 minutes for the glue to dry. 4. In the case of very thin fabrics, we recommend wiping the glued surface with a damp sponge or cloth (then the risk of "puncturing" the glue is reduced). More permanent gluing method: 1. Apply the Gütermann adhesive in a thin layer to both parts to be joined. 2. Wait 7 minutes to dry. 3. Join both parts to be glued, press them together and it's ready. Textile adhesive stains can be quickly removed with acetone (e.g. nail polish remover with acetone) The manufacturer informs that the textile adhesive is resistant to chemical cleaning and washing at temperatures up to 40 ° C Before use, we recommend that you read the instructions on the packaging.

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