• Lace on blue, light blue color 1mb

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Embroidery in shades of blue, blue 1mb

This beautiful embroidery on a stable tulle is the perfect solution for all lovers of delicate and subtle patterns. The embroidery is made in the ombre effect technique, which adds to its even greater elegance and uniqueness. Shades of blue and blue create a harmonious composition that fits perfectly into interior design trends.
Flower embroidery

Floral motifs are always fashionable and fit any style of arrangement. This embroidery is real poetry for the eyes - delicate rose buds and leaves make the fabric light and romantic. It is ideal for decorating children's rooms, bedrooms or living rooms.
Embroidery in shades of blue

Blue is one of the most universal colors that fits virtually any space. This embroidery was created just for people who appreciate this color. Shades from light blue to deep navy blue create an incredibly coherent whole that will add charm to any interior.
Width: 17.5cm. The price applies to a 1m long section (embroidery in 7m sections)

Embroidery is available in a width of 17.5 cm, which allows for a variety of applications - from decorating pillows and curtains to creating unique wall or table decorations. The price of the product is for one meter of embroidery, but it is possible to order more - the embroidery is available in sections of 7 meters.

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